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Getting started

This page is not longer in use and has been moved to Starter Guide.
Please avoid further modification to this page.

First Steps

Welcome to Discord Dungeons, a one of a kind experience!

To get started on your adventure, use #!stats to check out your stats and assign your first 5 attribute points.

Once you've got that done, use #!adventure to start your journey! You'll have the option to battle a beast using #!adventure 2 or to run away using #!adventure 1

Use #!buy to see the shop and the items that can help you in your quest. (Psst. Don't forget to buy a health potion or two)

Once you're back in battle use #!heal to make sure you stay on top of those beasts.

Commands used in this section


Kurosakikurosaki, 2016/05/29 13:30

Using #!info should give you a link to the server.

Fearunitfearunit, 2016/05/15 10:39

So I'm trying to join the server but I can not seem to locate a link, I did #!getchat and it told me to use #!invite but all that did was give an invite for getting the bot on my server, so I decided to try getting one here 'cause the one on the carbon discord bots page doesn't work for me either so ye….

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