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Please strike the list items you have finished.

Side Activities

  • change formula notation (Please check)
  • undo enumeration formatting (or move to items list and use an internal link)
  • traps, plant fix command formatting
  • cracking mentions the level requirement in text (double mention)

Stats + Attribute Page

  • remove stats link on the stats page
  • change parameters on all stat pages according to our rules?
  • relocate the horizontal rule on all stat pages+attribute page
  • luck mentions crit chance boost and foraging increase twice
  • strength has double mentions too
  • strength could mention logs directly instead of chopping output if you like
  • Fix the pages for the individual attributes.

Items Map

  • Better crafting info
    • Potentionally in the shape of a crafting page with what's needed to make which items (aka a dedicated recipe page).
  • Add dummy item 2
  • Added Leptocite Ingot
  • Added Leptocite Ore, Obtainable from mining
  • Recipe updates


  • Dedicated role item update
  • This guild is cool item
  • Update the Guild commands page


  • Move all command pages to be sub-pages under Commands, like Commands/stats.
  • Change all links to commands to use Template:CmdLink, like {{stats}} which gives #!stats.
  • Categorize all commands based on its use category
  • Merge current individual pages with existing topic focused pages
  • Organize the Commands page
  • Make the chop command page look better
  • Redo #!uset command page
  • The Stats page needs serious rework
  • Complete/update each of the use categories for commands to properly deflect how to use the commands in that category

Getting Started

  • Rework all Getting Started content to make it more clear and beginner friendly
  • Rework the starterguide (semi done, revision)


  • Fix up the frontpage a bit
  • Fix whatever location pages that still aren't using the locationbox
  • Port, at least, some of the stuff from Tagbot to the wiki at some point.
  • Maybe create the Experience Table sooner or later.

Administrative tasks

  • Fix uploading and/or moving of images – Currently neither normal users nor admins can upload or move images. This could be related to file permissions, as indicated here and/or here.