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Starter Guide

Welcome to Discord Dungeons! Here you will learn essential information for your journey at Discord Dungeons.

Getting Started

Prior to starting your adventure, you will need to do #!stats to create your Discord Dungeons character.

For each level you have reached, you will be granted 5 unassigned points. It is recommended to assign all of your unassigned stat points. You can assign stat points by entering #!assign <stat> <amount>.

Here are the possible stats to assign stat points with:

XP Boost, Gold Boost, Criticals, Reaping, Salvaging, Strength, Lumber Boost, Mine Boost, Defense, Scavenging, Taming

Unsure which stat builds to do or not sure which stats to assign points with?

Here is the most recommended stat build to follow at the moment:

 * A build focused on Strength and XP Boost
 * A build focused on XP Boost
 * A build focused on XP Boost and Gold Boost

Made a mistake at assigning your stat points? You can use #!reset YES command to completely reset your character.

Warning! This will reset all your Discord Dungeons progress and it is not reversible!

Alternatively, you can purchase Attribute Scroll to reset all of your assigned stat points without resetting all of your Discord Dungeons progress. But be careful, this option is very very expensive!

Further Reading

Looking for detailed information about stats? Here are the links to the wiki page you need!

 * XP Boost
 * Gold Boost
 * Criticals
 * Reaping
 * Salvaging
 * Strength
 * Lumber Boost
 * Mine Boost
 * Defense
 * Scavenging
 * Taming

Clipboard.png If an attribute needs 10 attribute points for 1%, there is no gain in investing less than 10 points in it, 9 points mean 0%, not 0.9%.

By this point, you are now ready to start your first adventure. Let's go to the next section of the guide!

Adventures and Side Activities

Now you will learn about adventures and side activities, which is the main part of Discord Dungeons!


Performing adventures are easy and simple. To perform an adventure, you can type either #!adv, #!adventure or #!adventure 2. These commands also double as an attack command. If you need to flee from battle, you can do so by entering #!adventure 1. If you flee from the battle, you will not gain any XP and Gold.

Bulbgraph.png Cooldown for adventure commands are 12 seconds. This means you can only use it once per 12 seconds.

Bulbgraph.png You will need to use Health Potion to keep your HP in the green. To use Health Potion, you can do so by entering #!heal <amount / auto> or #!use Health Potion <amount>. Each Health Potion heals 50 HP!

Bulbgraph.png If you accidentally forgot to heal and got knocked out by monster, don't worry! There will be a guardian angel to revive you and heal you to 25% of your Max HP.

Clipboard.png But be careful, they will take 0~60% of your current gold as a fee!

Side Activities

Next is the side activities. By performing side activities, you can earn a good amount of items with high sell value, and gain Skill XP!

Here are the list of side activities you can perform in Discord Dungeons:

 * #!mine - Affected by Strength and Mining Skill Level
 * #!forage - Affected by Scavenging and Foraging Skill Level
 * #!chop - Affected by Lumber Boost and Chopping Skill Level
 * #!fish (Level 5 required)
 * #!trap <set / check>  [trap name] - Affected by wait time,Salvaging and other factors (Level 12 required)
 * #!plant <set / check> [plant name] - Affected by wait time,Reaping and other factors (Level 15 required)
 * #!crack <amount> (Level 20 required)

Bulbgraph.png Here are the cooldowns for side activities:

 * #!mine, #!forage, #!chop, and #!fish have a cooldown of 5 minutes.\\
 * #!trap, #!plant, and #!crack have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Further Reading

If you need additional information about side activities, you can find it here.

By now, you will now be able to do adventures and side activities like a pro. Congratulations!


Have you ever got into a situation where you do not have enough Health Potion during a battle? You are in luck, as we are going to cover the market basics!

Normal Market

Normal Market is an item shop offered by Discord Dungeons Item Shop.

To look up the current normal items list, you can do so by entering #!items <page>.

To purchase an item, you can do so by entering #!buy <item> <amount>.\\ To sell an item, you can do so by entering #!sell <item> <amount>.

Global Market

Global Market is an item shop made possible by Discord Dungeon players. This allows players to trade freely with each other. To look up the current Global Market items list, you can do so by entering #!gmglist <page>.

You can purchase other player's item by entering #!gmbuy <trade id> <amount>.

You can register your item at Global Market by entering #!gmsell <item name> <amount> <item price each>.\\ Upon registering the item, you will be asked to pay a 10% tax of the total trade value. To take your item or gold earned from Global Market, you need to stop the trade. You can do so by entering #!gmstop <trade id>.

Bulbgraph.png Please note that the maximum amount of active trades you can have at the moment are 5, and 10 for users with DRPG Membership.

Further Reading

For more information about normal and Global Market, you can check it here.

With the power of buying and selling, you can get the weapons and armors you will need for your journey!


Playing Discord Dungeons with friends and other people can be rather one of a kind experience! Let's start from the basics, as the guild system can be a bit complex.

Creating New Guild

You can create a guild if your level is 5 or above. You can create a guild of your desired name by entering #!gcreate <guild name>.

Checking Guild Information

You can check guild info by entering the command #!guild <guild name>. This will display the guild owner, size, status, item, fund, and required level.

Joining New Guild

To join a guild which is open, you can just join the guild by entering #!gjoin <guild name>.

To join a guild which is invite-only, you will need to obtain the guild owner or elder guild invite.

Further Reading

If you need more information about guilds, you can find it here.

Now you know how to use guild commands. Nice!

Help and Lists of Commands

Need other commands you want to check and research for your Discord Dungeons journey? You can do so by entering #!commands!

This command will show all of the current user commands, available for you to use.

If you need help or information of a certain command, you can use #!help <command>.

\\ Congratulations, now you know all of the basics of Discord Dungeons!\\ We hope you will enjoy playing it and feel free to visit us at the official Discord Dungeons Discord server!