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Mystic Gravestone

Quests:mystic gravestone

Mystic Gravestone
Level 30
Starts At Thornwood
Started By Mortimer
XP 1500
Gold 1000
Quest Points 1
Items A Demonic Feather



The Graveyard

Items Required: None

Talk to Mortimer at Thornwood to begin this mystic quest. If you are looking for some extra work, Mortimer needs someone to help clean up Thornwood Graveyard, are you brave enough? Clean up the Graveyard by #!search and bring Mortimer 3 Skulls.

Vampires do not exist

Items Required: 3 Skulls

Once you have collected enough skulls, talk to Mortimer again. This time he needs a Life Crystal, which are only dropped by the Vampiric Demons of Thornwood Graveyard!

Excellent Work

Items Required: Life Crystal

Travel back to Thornwood and Talk to Mortimer with a Life Crystal, he will reward you for your help cleaning up the Graveyard.

Quest Complete!