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Quests are tasks with a predefined story in Discord Dungeons.

They may take place all across DRPG, with different NPCs and subtasks.

Name Criteria Members Only
Cult of MOUKN Level 10 No
A quest about wood? Level 14 No
Meditative Magic Level 20 No
The Cold North Level 25 No
Fickle Fishing Level 25 No
The Land Above Level 25 No
Exotic Eggnog Christmas Quest Level 25 No
Quest for the Namazu Level 30 No
Dragon Slayer ? Yes
Baffling Baking ? Yes
Menu Specials ? Yes
Bakoushi's Bunny ? Yes
Mystic Gravestone ? Yes
Expired Quests
Name Criteria Members Only Expired
Trick or Treat ? ? 4th November 2017
Spooktober Spectacle ? ? 4th November 2017
How to keep a mummy ? ? 1st November 2018