Purple Striped Top Hat

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<WRAP half box group> <WRAP centeralign>

Purple Striped Top Hat


//Takashi's Elegant Top Hat.//

<WRAP 10% leftalign column> \\ </WRAP>

<WRAP 35% leftalign column>

    • ID:**\\
    • Level:**\\
    • Effect:**\\
    • <color #fff266>Buy Price</color>:**\\
    • <color #fff266>Sell Price</color>:**\\
    • Obtainable From:**\\
    • Tradeable:** \\


<WRAP 30% leftalign column> 442\\ 300\\ Blocks 30% damage.\\ <color #fff266>Unbuyable</color>\\ <color #fff266>Unsellable</color>\\ Donator Item\\ <color #ff0000>No</color>\\ </WRAP> </WRAP> </WRAP>