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#!pset is the command used to display pets current settings and for setting your pets variables.

Command Format: #!pset <variable> <value>

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Variable Value Description Level Req
name name Sets your pets name
display 1/2 Changes your #!pet display Pet Lvl 20
displayColor HEX code Changes your display 2 color Pet Lvl 45
image image URL Changes your pets image Pet Lvl 15
xprate 0-100 Changes the xp % your pet gets
healitem item name Changes the item used in #!pheal

Further Information on certain settings is shown below.

Name Settings

  • Affects your pet's name in the #!pet screen, as well as in battle.
  • 16 characters maximum.

Display Settings

  • #!pset display 1 is the default #!pet display. #!uset display 2 gives a modern embedded display to your #!pet
  • #!uset displayColor <HEX> changes the color of the border only when using display 2.

Image Settings

  • Only appears on Pet Display 2, as a picture in the top-right of the pet status screen. The URL linking to your desired image can be any length but must end with an image file format, such as .png and .jpg. Images must abide by Discord's Terms of Service.

XPRate Settings

  • This variable adjusts the percentage of XP your pet will receive after each battle.
  • This drains off of the xp that your character would usually get. In example, if XPrate is at 100, your pet will get all of the XP and your character will get none.


  • This variable sets a specified potion-type item as the item used when using #!pheal.
  • By default, the Health Potion is set as the healing item. It is highly recommended to keep this item as the healing item.