Level Requirement: 10

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

In certain locations you can #!buyfield to be able to #!plant using seeds to get to get whatever that seed yields.

The amount and type of items you can get from planting is affected by time, seed type, and Reaping Attribute.


To set a plant, you need a seed first.

Currently the only seeds available are: Grape Seed, Apple Seed, Carrot Seed, Cherry Seed, Wheat Seed, Olive Seed, Sugar Beet Seed, Magic Sapling.

They can all be found while you #!forage with the exception of the magic sapling, which is no longer obtainable.

Once you have a seed, got to a location with a field and #!buyfield at that location.

 * Silverkeep
 * Rivermouth
 * Copperfall
 * Ravengate (members only)
 * Redhorn
 * Lemontree Plaza
 * Aeston Mill (members only)
 * Caeli Farm
 * Bartfinn
 * Crimsonlake
 * Glimmerhelm
 * Roguebury Farm (members only)
 * Roguebury Village
 * Shimmercoast

Set your plant using the #!plant set <seed name> command.

You can use #!plant info to see where you have plants placed, and how long they have been placed in each location.

Using the #!plant check command will check the seed. The seed will be used after checking it regardless of time.

The number of items received can be affected by the Reaping attributes.

Output List

A list of items you can obtain from planting.

Item Plant Seed Sell
  Apple Apple Seed; Magic Sapling 40
  Carrot Carrot Seed; Magic Sapling 40
  Cherry Cherry Seed; Magic Sapling 15
  Grapes Grape Seed; Magic Sapling 5
  Wheat Wheat Seed; Magic Sapling 90
Olive Olive Seed 10
Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Seed N/A

Other Side Activities

 * Mining
 * Chopping
 * Fishing
 * Foraging
 * Planting
 * Trapping