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Follow these steps below to get started.

1. Creating Character

Type #!stats to create your character.

2. Assigning Attributes

Each level, you get 5 Attributes! Assign your attributes using #!assign <attribute> <amount>

For best results, assign your first 150 points to strength, and the rest to xpboost

3. Start Adventuring


Start your adventure to gain XP, rewards, and gold.

Type #!adventure or simply #!adv. Once you kill a mob, you will get XP to level up and gold to use.

Side Activities

You can #!forage to find items you are able to sell. Once you have enough gold, you can #!buy pickaxe and #!buy axe to be able to also do the #!mine and #!chop side activities!

At level 5 you can #!buy fishing rod to be able to #!fish

You can only do #!fish, #!forage, #!chop and #!Mine every 5 minutes.

You can also check out #!plant and #!trap at later levels

Checking Inventory

Type #!inv to see what you have.

4. Healing

Type #!heal or #!heal auto to keep yourself alive.

You can buy more health potions using #!buy health potion <amount>

Type #!pheal or #!pheal auto to keep your pet alive.

5. Catching Pets

As of the updating of this guide, it is not necessary to catch a new pet. So keep your pet Rock!

You can level up your pet rock by setting the xp to go to your pet using #!pset xprate 100

More info on pets here!

6. Shopping

Type #!items to look at the normal shop items. You can #!buy items from here, and also #!sell your items.

However, you can get more gold if you sell your items on the global market.

The basics you need to know about the global market is:

#!gbsearch <item you wanna sell> to look for people buying that item, and then #!gbsell <ID> <amount> to sell to that trade.

More Information

You can find all commands here, more activities to do here, and a more in depth guide here.

Want to know what to do at X level? Check this guide.

Check out the different links to find more information.

Short updated guide by Alsatian#0805