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Kingdom of Illeria
Kingdom of Illeria map
Kingdom of Frostridge
Kingdom of Frostrigde map
Kingdom of Liriania

Note: Members only kingdom.

Kingdom of Liriania map
Kingdom of Sariila
Kingdom of Sariila map
Kingdom of Primeval
Kingdom of Primeval map
Kingdom of Aeston
Kingdom of Aeston map
Kingdom of Caeli
Kingdom of Caeli map
Kingdom of Glimmerhelm
Kingdom of Glimmerhelm map
Kingdom of Brimstone
Kingdom of Brimstone map

Map Column Explanation

The first column shows the Locations in the map that you travel to within this kingdom.

The second column shows if you are allowed to access the market within the location.

The third column shows that if you are able to use your side commands in the location. Side commands such as #!chop, #!forage, #!mine, and #!fish.

The fourth and final column shows what NPCs are in that location. NPCs are generally used for quests and NPC shops.

The numbers beside the dotted lines (ex. 45s) indicates how long it will take to travel to that specific location.

The yellow numbers beside the dotted lines indicate that you have to pay gold before you can travel to that location. These locations will take you to other kingdoms.