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When you begin the game, the first command you must do is #!stats in order to create your character. This same command is used to check your, or the directed users, stats information whenever you would like.

Command Format: #!stats [@user or ID]

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Stats Information

By using #!stats, players can see information about their:

 * Current and maximum Health Points (HP)
 * Current equipment and tools
 * Level and XP (Experience table can be found here)
 * Gold on hand
 * How many the enemies and the player have been defeated
 * Quest Points
 * LUX amount
 * Membership
 * Rune capacity and amount on hand
 * Amount of unassigned attribute points
 * Current guild

You can change your #!stats display by using the uset command #!uset display 1/2


 * As of 7/17/2016, you can reset your stats without penalty by using Attribute Scroll (priced at 10,000,000 Gold).
 * A player's stats are saved to their ID, so name changing nor changing server carries no consequence. 
 * As of 5/4/2016, you can reset your stats (and character) via the #!reset command.