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The Conceptionist

“discord machine broke” - The Conceptionist

The Conceptionist is one of the seven Knights and four developers of Discord Dungeons. He is one of the two managers of the Wiki (the other being Snazzah), and has put comments into the code of the DiscordRPG bot.

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  • He signs off most comments and edits with -TC.
  • The Conceptionist became staff on 4/22/16.
  • He created this very wiki page!


kevintuftie, 2018/04/02 11:26

Hi just wondering if u know why the buy field is not working all i get is a message saying “Error: No permission to manage messages.” from the game bot

...nopelifeofchrome, 2016/04/28 13:45

You're a nice guy :-D

Snazzah?snazzah, 2016/04/23 22:37


The Conceptionisttheconceptionist, 2016/04/23 22:39

I'm lookin at 'chu 8-O

The Conceptionisttheconceptionist, 2016/04/23 22:34

Testing the new discussion plugin! Talk good or talk shit about me!

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