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“why would i want to pm abal” - Snazzah

Snazzah is one of the three current developers of Discord Dungeons to join. He is one of the two managers of the Wiki (the other being The Conceptionist), and has mainly helped out in coding the bot and the art.


  • He signs off most comments and edits with -Snaz.
  • Snazzah became staff on 4/20/16. snoop
  • He created this very wiki page!
  • He was the first to help out Mackan in DRPG development.



Black zypeblack118, 2017/10/12 13:05

guys please add CodeSlasher as a weapon in the game and make it sell-able and buy-able one

Bluebluecloud, 2017/07/10 19:07

lmao, I like it

Snazzah?snazzah, 2016/07/10 01:41


Real Nameruby, 2016/05/21 13:18

I was wondering if you guys plan on adding a story? I just think typing #!adventure 2 all day gets kinda boring after a while and #!mine, etc and I was wondering if you guys planned to add a bit more than that

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