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“I hate dust” - Mackan

Mackan is one of the three current developers of Discord Dungeons, and the bot's creator. He released the bot on 4/17/16, recruited Snazzah on 4/20/16, and The Conceptionist on 4/22/16.


  • Mackan's username on Github is Sven65.
  • His to-do list is… interesting, to say the least.
  • “I heard he's a cool dude” - Totally not Mackan at all.. Nope. No Mackan here.



Sepsep, 2017/09/05 13:51

I just want to say that you guys seriously have done an amazing job with this game. When I first came across it, I thought to myself, “Who would invest so much time into a command-based rpg game?” But here I am at lvl 43, grinding back to back. Super addictive!! It's one of the best progressions I've experienced in rpg. It's sad that you guys designed a better system than most AAA-title rpgs. Kudos to all who put this game together.

Just one QoL change that I feel would be so amazing:

-Removing/Lowering cooldowns on selling, checking inventory, and crafting.

But perhaps it is for technical reasons that you guys did it this way. I wouldn't know as I'm not a developer. But I am a huge fan of the game and I hope you guys consider it.

Thank you for giving me something to do at work [besides actual work]! ;)

Daniel Rogersjoshuareid36, 2017/08/20 17:12

Makan… Could you unban me from the RPG server? I apologize for my rudeness

Joshuaatropix, 2016/09/24 12:46

Mackan, What language was used to code the bot in? Was it C#? If so is there a way I could see the code? I am taking C# in college right now and would like to see how y'all code certain events and actions.

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