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Strength is one of the four stats in Discord Dungeons. It affects the amount of damage that a player does to an enemy mob or player.

Players can assign their unassigned attribute points to strength by entering: #!assign strength <amount>

Additional Effects:

  • Increases the amount of logs obtained from chopping by 1 per 25 strength.
  • Increases the amount of minerals obtained from mining by 1 per 40 strength.

Stat increases in a nutshell

Every X in strengthEffect
10+1 base damage
25+1 log from chopping
40+1 increased output from mining


//User damage dealt, strength calculation
advLoose+= Math.floor(users[user]["stats"]["strength"]/10)
//Chopping amount variable
var amt = 1+skillLevel+Math.floor(strength/25)
//Mining amount calculation
amt = 1+skillLevel+Math.floor(strength/40)


Jettfriesguy5467, 2016/07/11 13:42

Every 25 points in Strength increases the logs collected through #!chop.

Graru1graru1, 2016/05/05 05:08

Every 10 points in Strength increases the damage you deal by 1.

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