Muffin ring

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Muffin Ring

//Bestowed by the great muffin king @muffin, it also doubles as a snack//

    • ID:** 207\\
    • Level:** 1\\
    • Effect:** Gives a 1.5x boost to <color #fff266>luck</color>\\
    • <color #fff266>Buy Price</color>:** <color #ada8a8>N/A</color>\\
    • <color #fff266>Sell Price</color>:** <color #ada8a8>N/A</color>\\
    • Obtainable From:** <color #ada8a8>N/A</color>\\

<color #ff0000>Non-tradable</color>


 * This weapon is exclusively made for Discord User SteamHydra for his donation to the server.