Magic sapling

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Magic Sapling
Magic Sapling
magic Sapling
Plant a random tree!
ID 92
Level 14
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price 500 Gold
Obtainable From Foraging


The Magic Sapling is the only item being plantable, and after you've planted it, you must wait for a while before you can check and see how much harvest you've got. Do note that when harvesting (or checking that is), the sapling is consumed. Therefore, waiting for a while before checking it is critical to get more harvest.

 * To plant: #!plant set magic sapling
 * To harvest: #!plant check

If using Dynobot, I suggest to set a reminder somewhere in the future to remind you to check the plant, like in ?remindme Do #!plant check in 4 hours or however long you'll want to wait.