Golden transponder snail

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Golden Transponder Snail
ID 162
Level 1
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Unobtainable
Effect Gives a 1.2x boost to strength


It is a special kind of Transponder Snail which is only held by the Marine Admirals. It is used to summon the Buster Call attack. The Transponder Snail is immobile and its entire body appears to be made out of gold. It is a very rare type of Transponder Snails. After the button on its back is pressed, it sends a message straight to the Silver Transponder Snail, which is the signal for the Marines to start the Buster Call. <Because of the immense power of this Transponder Snail you gain 5 Power when holding this.>