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Brewing & Alchemy

Template:INLINETOC:width18 Brewing in Discord Dungeons allows you to create various potions and other items. The recipes are to be discovered by the players as well.

To brew, use the command **#!brew** along with your ingredients like so: #!brew **[item] [amount] [item] [amount]**.

To check your current brew, use **#!checkbrew**.

Finally, to stop your brew and retrieve your result, use **#!stopbrew**.


Every recipe has a specific amount of criteria to succeed, these criteria are what items, how much of them, a specific amount of time and a minimum level.

<sortable 2> ^ Item ^ Level Requirement ^ Recipe ^ Time ^ | [[items:potion_of_poison|Items:poisonvial.png?20]] Potion of Poison | N/A | **1x** [[items:sludge_vial|Items:sludge.png?20]] Sludge Vial | 5 minutes | </sortable>


In the event of a brew not matching any recipes, the user will get a Sludge Vial instead.