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Battles are basically Player versus Player (PvP) matches dueling.

Toggling Availability

If you want to toggle availability to send or receive battle requests, type #!uset battles **0** to turn them off or #!uset battles **1** to turn them on.

Sending a Battle Request

To send a battle request, type #!battle <@mention>.\\

- Note: You must be in the same location to battle each other\\
Canceling a Battle Request

To revoke your battle request, type #!bcancel

Accepting or Refusing a Battle Request

If you were sent a request to battle, type #!baccept to accept, otherwise type #!brefuse to refuse.


To attack your opponent, type #!bfight **when it's your turn**.

Requesting a Draw

To request a draw in a battle, type #!bdraw.

Accepting a Draw

To accept a draw in a battle, type #!bdaccept.

Stopping a Battle

To stop a battle midway if the opponent is away, type #!bstop.